Biography – Mark Roeder

Mark Roeder writes about the powerful undercurrents and ideas that are reshaping the modern world.

His books and articles are provocative, insightful and entertaining. They include The Big Mo: why momentum rules our world and Unnatural Selection: why the geeks will inherit the earth.

Before becoming a writer Roeder worked as a senior executive at UBS Bank, Zurich Financial Services and Westpac Bank, and lived in London, New York, Sydney and Zurich. His global corporate experience inspired him to reflect deeply on the nature of the systems and beliefs that now run our world – and their effect on society, culture, and human evolution. Currently Roeder is a consultant with the Chicago based David Hale Global Economics, and is a Delphi Fellow contributor to Big think. He holds a masters degree in business and technology from the University of NSW.

Roeder was born in London, England. His father was a medical doctor, and his great, great grandfather was the author Frank Fowler, who played a significant role in the Australia’s early literary history.

Roeder divides his time between Europe and Australia.


Literary Influences

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oriana Fallaci, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Miller, Iris Murdoch, Norman Mailer, Martin Amis, Krishnamurti, Gore Vidal, Herman Hesse, Bertrand Russell, Ian Fleming, Peter Levine, Jon Kabat Zinn, George Orwell, Voltaire.